Mung Soju (For Dogs & Cats) 330ml

Mung Soju (For Dogs & Cats) 330ml

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1 bottle of Mung Soju (Dog Soju) (330 ml)

A dog-only drink containing 0% alcohol, cabbage extract and vitamin C
Manufacture and manufacture in clean facilities managed by Sesco
Shake it well before feeding

✔ Inhibition of the increase in blood sugar after eating ️
✔ Improving ️ blood neutral lipids
✔ Strengthen the skin quality of the ️
✔ Smooth ️ excretion activities

60-80 ml per kg of dog body weight (Can be feed instead of regular water)
Check the ingredients for dogs with allergies 
Refrigerate at 1°C to 4°C when opening and feed within 7 days (no freezing)
Store in a dry and cool place to avoid direct sunlight

Ingredients: Cabbage extract powder, water crystalline glucose, fish collagen, water citric acid, sodium benzoate, tuna scent, purified water