My Fluffy Hidden Bag Pet Carrier (2 colors)
My Fluffy Hidden Bag Pet Carrier (2 colors)
My Fluffy Hidden Bag Pet Carrier (2 colors)
My Fluffy Hidden Bag Pet Carrier (2 colors)
My Fluffy Hidden Bag Pet Carrier (2 colors)
My Fluffy Hidden Bag Pet Carrier (2 colors)
My Fluffy Hidden Bag Pet Carrier (2 colors)

My Fluffy Hidden Bag Pet Carrier (2 colors)

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My Fluffy Hidden Bag Pet Carrier (Beige, Charcoal)


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Cross + Shoulder
A multi-carrying bag that's always with you
Use shoulder when going out lightly or cross when traveling together for a long time. If you close all the zippers, you can also use them on buses, trains, and airplanes.
The strap is designed to be easily connected to a buckle by taking it out of a hidden pocket instead of being detached, so you don't have to worry about losing it, and you don't have to pack it separately.
It's used together, so it's comfortable for you and style for me.

"It's a dog bag." Not a self-assertive carry-on bag, but a basic carry-on bag like mine that's natural in everyday life My Fluffy Hidden Bag was designed with the idea of ''.
It's not only comfortable but also modern and simple, so you can use it when you're not with your pet.
Robust floors and flexible shapes
The bottom of the My Fluffy Hidden Bag has a solid hard plate with a soft cushion, allowing pets to sit comfortably in the bag.
The four sides of the bag have a built-in 5mm sponge that flexibly transforms into natural wrinkles that occur when used while maintaining its shape, providing stability by closely contacting the body of the pet and the guardian.
Hidden comfort, hidden strap
You can cross-wear the hidden strap by connecting it with a buckle. The shoulder pad is 9.5cm wide, which distributes weight by touching many parts of the shoulder, and has a built-in 5-ounce microfiber.
When not in use, it can be secured to a band in a folded pocket for storage.
Light Weight + Fluffy Pad
With a light weight of 0.67kg, I reduced the burden on my shoulders as much as possible. The shoulder strap has two layers of 5mm sponges, which provide comfort by relieving the pressure on the shoulder.
Four open pockets, plenty of storage
Curved shoulder straps provide a generous open pocket with natural pleats. The wide-open pocket allows you to store the items with excellent storage capacity.
a solid floorboard
The basic component, Hidden Cushion, has two 2mm hard plates and 8mm reinforcement, so you can use it stably even if you put two 4kg dumbbells.
Mash with excellent breathability and perspective
The premium mesh with excellent breathability and perspective provides a comfortable experience even if you close all the zippers, so your pet can stay comfortable in your bag with a soft texture.
Lock Slider + Safety Ring
Rock sliders were used to prevent pets from pushing their zippers out of their heads. It does not open even if you push out the zipper fabric, and you can only open it by grabbing and pulling the slider's head with your hand, so it can be used safely, and it has a safety ring that can be connected to the chest strap.
Easy, easy to design
The basic built-in hidden cushion can be used soft on the floor and can be taken out and used so that pets can lean comfortably on the road. The hidden cushion can be used reliably by adding a band design to prevent the cushion from shaking when removed and used.
a light and sturdy material
Waterproofing of life with the coating process
This material is made of 100% polyester material that is light and strong and has been PU-coated, making it more resistant to contamination. Please use it comfortably as a waterproof and antifoulable fabric.
an inner hidden pocket

Zipper pockets are designed on both sides of the bag, so you can store important items or put an ice pack in the summer and a hot pack in the winter to help control your pet's body temperature.
Use as a car seat

It can be secured to the seat using the hidden strap of the hidden bag. Your pet can safely lean in your bag and drive comfortably and safely.
Myfluffy hidden bag can be used up to 8kg and is the best size for pets ranging from 3kg to 6kg. Please check the back length and height of pets over 6kg. For pets weighing less than 2.5kg, the space in the bag may feel somewhat relaxed. It is more reliable when used with a support cushion.
TIP. Check it out on A3 paper!

If you're worried about the size, please compare the A3 paper (2 sheets of A3=A4) with the size of your pet. You can use up to 8kg, but it is best to check your pet's body height and back length rather than weight.
It includes a hidden cushion.

The hidden bag includes a detachable hidden cushion. Friends who weigh more than 3kg can use the basic built-in hidden cushion comfortably enough.
* All photos are from My Fluffy, edited and translated by Our Haru.